You Need To Know These 9 Things About What Software Piracy Is

1. What is Software Piracy?

Software piracy refers to using, copying and/or distributing a piece of software that’s subject to copyright. The software in question can mean digital goods such as video games, other computer programs or operating systems. Software piracy has more than 1 form, such as:

  • Copying a software program that you purchased legitimately in order to distribute it to other end users like friends, family, or anyone else through online means like torrenting.
  • Using a method known as “cracking” to access protected & copyrighted software that you didn’t purchase.
  • Distributing software online that you yourself received from a third-party that’s not licensed to sell or give away that software.
  • Modifying parts of the software, if the creator is against it or if the terms of use forbids it, and then distributing said modification (like altering the program’s source code)

All forms of software piracy are illegal. To make it a bit easier to understand why some of the above are illegal though, think of it this way: when you purchase a piece of software, you’re not purchasing the software itself. What you’re paying for is a license to use this software, to have access to it.

So, it isn’t yours to give for free or resell at your own convenience, as it continues to be the copyrighted product or service of somebody else.