Signal Piracy Investigations

Document Pirated Material. Investigate the Technology and Players. Return the Value Back.

We find, acquire, and document pirated material, whether it be physical, downloaded, or streaming. We get to the heart of the problem, including the technology and distribution involved. Thereby returning the true value to the content created, protecting the long-term creative process, and establishing a system to combat future infringement.

Our investigative solutions have helped our clients prosecute cases civilly and criminally, as well as create restitution and recovery programs that can allow your signal piracy initiative to pay for itself.
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Cable & Satellite Television
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Streaming Content
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Motion Pictures
Our Clients Enjoy Endless Benefits
”I have used Mike and the Toltec team for over a decade and have nothing but great things to say about them!.”
Kevin Gedeon
Manager of Fraud Investigations
Success Stories
Shutting Down Illegal Export Operations
Toltec // Brand Protection helps shut down illegal export operations in the U.S. and abroad.
Shutting Down Distribution of Fake Consumer Goods
Toltec has worked with the client to investigate dozens of importers, distributors, and wholesale operations involved in the sale of these dangerous fake goods.
Stopping Victims From Becoming Unwitting Drug Mules
Toltec investigators were brought in to understand how Mexican cartels could circumvent the security measures put in place to stop unauthorised access to the database of programmable key codes.
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