Shutting Down Illegal Export Operations

Shutting Down Illegal Export Operations
Toltec // Brand Protection helps shut down illegal export operations in the U.S. and abroad.

Many American manufacturers have experienced an increase in illegal exports of their U.S.-made products heading overseas, especially to China. Numerous reports have documented the rise in the Chinese middle class (the largest middle class in the world, comprising over 225 million people) and their desire to buy, “Made in the USA” labelled products. This has led to problems for American companies, including many of Toltec’s clients. When products intended for one particular market, country, or geography, end up in another, it can wreak havoc on a company’s ability to monitor sales, marketing, pricing, safety, and quality control.

By partnering with Toltec, the client had irrefutable video and photographic evidence of an export operation that was costing them around $4,000,000 per year.

The Challenge

When one of Toltec’s consumer goods clients, a multi-billion dollar, international supplier of health and beauty products, vitamins, supplements, personal care, cleaning products, and cosmetics came to Toltec, they were experiencing this exact issue.

In fact, one such export operation was costing the company an estimated $4,000,000 per year.

The Solution

Toltec personnel put into motion a full-scale investigation to identify and verify the individuals and entities involved. Once this was established, Toltec field investigators conducted numerous operations including though not limited to, undercover purchases, site visits, surveillance, product tracking, and interviews.
Once Toltec confirmed the individuals involved and the addresses from which they were operating, surveillance was conducted (both manned, unmanned, and remote) to document the activity occurring. Toltec was able to verify that the individuals involved were receiving large shipments of product, altering the product, repackaging into generic boxes, and then shipping the product overseas via air cargo freight shipments to China.

The Result

By partnering with Toltec, the client had irrefutable video and photographic evidence of this export operation. The client was able to file legal action against the individuals and entities involved and shut down this distribution network. Also they sent a message loud and clear to other individuals and entities that might be involved in similar operations.