IP Investigation

Copyrights, Patent, and Trademark Investigations. Protect your Brand’s Intellectual Property.

We investigate all facets of Intellectual Property Rights, including Copyright, Patent, and Trademark Infringement.

From simple trade dress and usage investigations to full-scale marketplace evaluations, Toltec helps you protect your brand’s sales and reputation.
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Trademark/Trade Dress
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Copyright Infringement
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Patent Infringement
Our Clients Enjoy Endless Benefits
“I’ve known Mike and our firm has utilized Toltec’s brand protection services for the last five years. Mike and his team have continuously provided us with top-tier anti-counterfeiting, anti-piracy, and surveillance services, across numerous countries, and a diverse array of industries. We know with Mike’s experience and Toltec’s attention to detail we are receiving unparalleled results allowing us to effectively monitor our client’s products and brands worldwide.”
Brittany Maxey-Fisher
Managing Partner
Success Stories
Shutting Down Illegal Export Operations
Toltec // Brand Protection helps shut down illegal export operations in the U.S. and abroad.
Shutting Down Distribution of Fake Consumer Goods
Toltec has worked with the client to investigate dozens of importers, distributors, and wholesale operations involved in the sale of these dangerous fake goods.
Stopping Victims From Becoming Unwitting Drug Mules
Toltec investigators were brought in to understand how Mexican cartels could circumvent the security measures put in place to stop unauthorised access to the database of programmable key codes.
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